Campus Center Offices

CARS - Commuter Assistance & Resource Services

The Office of Commuter Assistance & Resource Services (CARS) is committed to enriching the commuter experience by providing services, programs, advocacy and outreach that will help commuter students benefit from the institution's total education process.  Stop by the CARS office in Campus Center 485 to meet Bob Moran, Associate Director for Student Activities and Commuter Students, and the commuter assistant staff. 

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Diversity Programs

The Diversity Programs Office plans many programs for all students to explore diversity in a safe and inclusive environment, including:

  • Monthly celebratory programs, including heritage month events
  • Peer to Peer Dialog Series - C3: Cross Cultural Conversations
  • Cross-cultural forums and live performances, including poetry nights, dances and speakers

With one of the most diverse student bodies in the country, NJIT is a great place to learn about people from different backgrounds and experiences.  If you have suggestions on programs to help students explore culture - through religion, sexual orientation, gender, etc - stop by the Diversity Programs Office in Campus Center 494 and speak with Sherlene Ayala, Assistant Director for Diversity and Leadership.

Fraternity and Sorority Life

Involvement in fraternity and sorority activities offers an opportunity to experience personal growth and provides an outlet for the practical application of classroom theories, concepts and principles to actual life situations. The NJIT Campus Center and Office of Greek life both sponsor and advise the 18 men's and women's Greek-letter social organizations, the Inter- Fraternal and Sorority Council, Inter-Greek Council and affiliate organizations which are officially recognized by New Jersey Institute of Technology.

The Office of Greek life serves as the University liaison for affiliated member chapters and the collective Fraternity and Sorority Community and Greek Alumni. The office provides a central location for the dissemination of information and guidance to the all Greek-letter  organizations on campus and is a place for students to receive counseling, advice, and program assistance. Stop by the Office of Greek Life in Campus Center 493 and speak with Allen White, Associate Director of Campus Center for Fraternity/Sorority Life Programs.

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Leadership Programs

Student Leadership Programs is located in the Lisa A. Pierce Center for Student Leadership, Campus Center 495.  Staff is available to assist all student organizations in planning leadership workshops and training for organization members. 

Student Leadership Programs encourages the development of student leaders through an intentional program of events, including retreats, seminars, learning communities, conferences, community service opportunities, and recognition awards ceremonies. The office also encourages students to undertake leadership roles in clubs and organizations and student leadership employment within the campus community, as well as to pursue leadership opportunities in state, regional, and national conferences and organizations. If you have questions, stop by the Student Leadership Programs Office in Campus Center 494 and speak with Sherlene Ayala, Assistant Director for Diversity and Leadership.

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Other Offices


Student Activities

Robert Moran
Associate Director for Commuter Programs
Campus Center Room 485
(973) 596-3606


Student Activities

 Humberto "Humby" Baquerizo
Associate Director for Student Involvement
Campus Center Room 485, (973) 596-5641


Operations and Facilities

VACANT (Any questions please contact the Campus Center Office (973) 596-3605)
Associate Director for Operations and Facilities 
Campus Center Room 101
(973) 596-3603


Fraternity and Sorority Life

Allen White
Associate Director for Fraternity and Sorority Life
Campus Center Room 493, (973) 596-5640


Diversity and Leadership

Sherlene Ayala
Assistant Director for Diversity and Leadership
Campus Center Room 494
(973) 596-5640



 VACANT (Any questions please contact the Campus Center Office (973) 596-3605)
Assistant Director for Conferencing Services
Campus Center Room 101, (973) 596-3600



LaTosha Wilson
Assistant Director for Campus Reservations or
Campus Center Room 101
(973) 596-3600