Campus Center Offices

Campus Center Offices


    Campus  Reservations

The Campus Center has several different types of meeting spaces for you to use for your next campus event.  From our large capacity ballrooms to multipurpose rooms, plus our campus green space, you can find a program space to fit your needs.  For NJIT faculty and staff, you can use your UCID to create an online reservation; go to the NJIT Calendar, download Instructions to Submit an Event Request Using 25 Live.pdf and then click on My Requests to submit reservation.

If you are an NJIT student, you must be a member of a registered student organization to make your request.  All student requests for space should be submitted by completing this FORM. Additional information about student event requests can be found in the Policies and Forms section. For additional information, contact LaTosha Wilson, Associate Director for Campus Reservations at (973) 596-3600 or

  Conference Services

New Jersey Institute of Technology provides conference spaces to the NJIT community and anyone interested in hosting an event with us. Our Conference Services team is here to help every step of the way so that your event can be seamless and effective.  Our staff will work with you from Conception to Implementation.

View our Conference Services website at or for more information on reserving space for your next event, please contact our Conference Coordinator at 973-596-3603 or


   Gourmet Dining Services

Gourmet Dining Services







Gourmet Dining, LLC is the premier food service company serving New Jersey. As New Jersey’s largest regional dining service company, Gourmet Dining operates on-site food service management for educational, corporate, healthcare and long term   care throughout the state. We serve the New York/New Jersey Region, and employ over 1650 full-time and 350 part-time employees with annual sales of over 95 M per year.

Our Mission
To provide an exemplary and unique dining experience for each client built on strong professional and personal relationships.
Our Focus
Gourmet is committed to meeting the continuously evolving, dynamic dining needs of our clients. Serving to a vastly diverse client base, Gourmet is very sensitive to the specific tastes, dietary & religious needs regarding our students, administrators, faculty and alumni. Our executive chefs and dietitians work together with our clients to help meet each individual’s dining need.  We work very closely with our customers to shape our dining program based on each location’s specific needs. Through collaborative efforts, our management team works with each of our partners to establish a foundation built upon  strong relationships, clear expectations, and open lines of communication. The Gourmet approach allows us to create the most innovative, custom-designed food service programs in the industry.

 Jim Wise Theatre  










Theater Operations is the go-to group when your student organization event needs the best sound and lighting on campus. We harness the capabilities of the Jim Wise Theater for your event. What can we do? Far too much to list here; we run a full-fledged theater! All these creative possibilities can be overwhelming at first, but we act as your guide, helping you navigate the complexities of theatrical production. Interested? Come visit us in Kupfrian Hall and have a conversation about your event. You are also welcome to send an email or call for more information. Want to use the theater? You are encouraged to contact us first to determine preliminary availability. The theater is a very busy place, so early planning is essential. Student organizations can reserve the theater through Campus Reservations. We'll need to meet to discuss your event and determine feasibility before the request is approved.

   Contact Information: Raymond E. Gintner IV,
   Manager of Theatre Operations 
   Office: Room 229 Kupfrian Hall, Office Hours: Generally before 12:30 pm weekdays  
   Drop-in is welcome, but appointments are encouraged 
   Telephone: (973) 596 – 3458