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Under the Center for Student Involvement; the Student Involvement Program is responsible for co-curricular and extracurricular programming, activities and services that promote student learning and success as part of the student life experience at NJIT.   Promoting self-awareness, individual growth, social competencies and team effectiveness not only fulfills the mission of the University but allows our students to become global citizens and true Highlanders.

Through leadership workshops, student organization and fraternity/sorority advisement, athletic events, campus activities, diversity programs, community services and employment opportunities, the Center for Student Involvement encourages students to be well rounded citizens in an ever changing global society.

Get Involved!

Being a member of a student organization can be an important factor in the success of your Highlander Experience at NJIT. As a Science and Technology University, academic learning is the primary mission of NJIT, but the extracurricular activities will help you learn and grow beyond the walls of the classroom into a well-rounded global citizen with hands-on-training to prepare you for real world experiences.

Get Engaged! 

NJIT student organizations or programs provide you opportunities for fellowship, leadership, service, recreation, and meaningful interaction with faculty, staff, and students that can last for a lifetime.

Get Connected! 

Your friends, classmates and the campus community can help you transform your Highlander Experiences into a place you can call home. With over 55,000 NJIT Alumni all over the world, and many NJIT professional staff, getting involved and connected can help you with on campus jobs, internships, co-ops and a potential job in the future!

Types of Involvement

Short-term: one day service projects, member of a student organization for a semester, attend on-campus events, etc.
Mid-term: being a member of a student organization for at least a year, volunteering with the same organization for a year, interning, on-campus job, athletic team, music group, performance group, etc.
Long-term: Greek letter organization, professional organizations, etc. (learn more about Greek Life)


It is important to remember that you could get “too” involved.  Achieving a healthy balance of your school work, friends, and family and work schedules with your involvement opportunities can be a challenge for any student.  We want to make sure that you can achieve a healthy balance of priorities, so they complement one another instead of wearing you out. Creating that balance can synergize your Highlander Experience at NJIT. If you need help or some encouragement feel free to call our office at 973-596-3693 or email us at  Our staff is happy to help out. 


Campus Life

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