Gameroom Policies & Procedures

Campus Center Bowling


General Policies

  1. You must be a NJIT student with a valid NJIT ID to enter the Game Room.
  2. NJIT students are permitted to have a daily guest for a $5 fee, guest should have a valid photo ID.
  3. Any student or guest found defacing Game Room advertising or signage will be asked to leave immediately and will have all Game Room privileges revoked.
  4. All students and guests are asked to clean up after themselves and dispose of their garbage in the proper receptacles.
  5. The Campus Center Operations is not responsible for any loss of or damage to personal property.
  6. We are not responsible for items, including ID’s that are left in the Game Room.
  7. Solicitation is not permitted at any time.
  8. Furniture within the lounge and surrounding the perimeter of the Game Room must not be moved for any reason.
  9. Any student or guest will be held responsible for the repair/replacement of any damaged or broken Game Room equipment.

Bowling Policies

  1. Street shoes are not allowed on the bowling lanes and bowlers must wear bowling shoes.
  2. Bowlers may not cross the black foul line for any reason.
  3. Bowlers may not send more than one ball down a lane at the same time.
  4. Bowlers must return bowling balls to the racks after they are finished bowling.
  5. Bowlers must notify the Game Room desk attendant of any lane problems/issues.
  6. Tossing of bowling balls is prohibited.
  7. There is a minimum of 3 games per bowler, so the next students in line can bowl.
  8. If your game is not completed by the Game Room closing time, you game will end due to the Game Room closing time.

Billiard Policies

  1. An NJIT student ID must be provided in order to reserve a billiard table and the maximum to reserve a table is 1 hour.
  2. Massé shots are prohibited. (A shot in billiards made by hitting the cue ball with the cue held nearly vertically; the cue ball spins around another ball before hitting the object ball)
  3. Sitting / leaning on the billiard tables is not permitted.
  4. No food, beverages or personal items are allowed on the billiard tables.
  5. Pool rack, sticks, billiard balls and triangle must be returned to the front desk after your game is finished.

Table Tennis Policies

  1. An NJIT student ID must be provided in order to reserve a table and the maximum to reserve a table is 1 hour.
  2. Sitting / leaning on game tables is not permitted at any time.
  3. No food or drink is allowed near the all game tables.
  4. At the end of your game, all equipment must be returned to the front desk.

.Gamer’s Lounge Policies

  1. Only NJIT students with a valid NJIT student ID can use the Game Room lounge.
  2. Food or drinks are allowed in the Game Room Lounge.
  3. Be respectful of other students and guests.
  4. Return all gaming equipment as you received it.
  5. Patrons are allowed to bring their own gaming equipment to the Game Room Lounge. This includes, but is not limited to: game discs, controllers, and gaming systems.
  6. Tampering of vending machines is not permitted.